Nicole Rayy keeps making waves and 2021 is no exception for her as she releases her new single “Sad Song”

Southern Ontario-born and Canadian country artist Nicole Rayy, along with her astounding vocal ability and jois de vivre, has been a force in creating her very own opportunities. And, she’s continuing on the very same path in 2021 with another hit single on her hands. The new one she has out, via all digital platforms, on February 26 is “Sad Song.” It’s a tune that’s well worth your time to listen to. This ballad, one that gives us all the feels, is the follow-up to Rayy’s hugely successful “Broken Boys,” which has proven to be her highest streaming track to date (it’s garnered over 340K Spotify streams and 35.7K YouTube views).

On “Sad Song,” Rayy notes,

“I know this is a special song that we can all relate to. There is no better medicine when you’re hurting than a sad song. That feeling of knowing that someone understands you and your pain. This song perfectly encompasses those feelings of needing a sad song more than anything else to comfort you.”

Losing someone you love sucks, but having a special song to help get you through the pain can be just what you need. “Sad Song” can be that song.

Download or stream “Sad Song” here.

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