Grandsome releases new single, “Youth”

Toronto, ON-based rap artist, Ryan “Grandsome” Solmon has released his newest single, “Youth”, which follows his previous release, “Know Myself”.

The quick and laidback track has Grandsome reminiscing about his younger days and presents the listener a look into his past struggles through self-reflection.

“It talks about struggles with depression, substance use, and a hopeful outlook on the future,” he says. “I wanted to give listeners a sense of nostalgia and let them know they’re not alone if they’re going through similar things.”

Like his previous single, “Know Myself”, “Youth” is a personal venture for Grandsome and contains spitfire rhyming passages backed up with a compelling lo-fi beat.  He’s the kind of artist who is not afraid to dip his toes into different genres mid-song while delivering soulful, melodic hooks.

When writing new music Grandsome can be influenced by all things in life, big or small.

“It could be as simple as watching a movie and liking the idea of what someone said, so I find a way to turn it into a line. It could also be news I’m reading, what I did that day, or just a burst of creativity.”

Check out “Youth” below, and stay up to date with Grandsome via his socials.

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