Le Ren releases new collaboration with Big Thief’s Buck Meek

Montreal, QC-based musician, Le Ren (Lauren Spear) has shared a cover of “Early Morning Rain” – the 1966 folk classic by Gordon Lightfoot. The track features Big Thief guitarist and solo artist Buck Meek, who recently released his new album, Two Saviours, via Keeled Scales.

On the track, their voices coalesce with an understated sweetness as they describe the loneliness and sadness of being far from home. Opting for a subtler, tranquil rework, the track lulls with gentle acoustic guitar and captures a timeless folk sound.

Spear notes:

To me, this song encapsulates missing someone. As many people are separated right now, it felt like the right moment to cover it. Buck and I recorded it in two different countries across time and space so in turn, the production reflects the song itself.

Check out the cover below, and stay up to date with Le Ren via her socials.

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