Drew William releases new EP, Room

Singer-songwriter, Drew William may be a fairly new artist, but you may know him by his full name Drew Wolitarsky, a CFL Football player. Drew has a special talent for conveying cathartic emotion in every one of his tracks.

Taking this notion to heart, the opening track of William’s Room EP  “Moonlight,” begins with the roar of an engine and an upbeat chord progression that quickly grabs the listener. Soon after William sings about finding a place away from all the noise of the world.

“That moment where everything feels like it’s on the back burner; wheels off the ground, floating toward that big white moon, all the world growing quiet behind,” William says.

Following, “Moonlight”, comes “Heal”, another reflective tune about learning the lesson that healing comes in strange ways. The song quietly makes its appearance with a tasty finger-picked riff, having just the right amount of guitar effects to make the instrumentation seem all-encompassing, but intimate. This track has a universal message that anyone can get behind.

“Accepting the hurt is a huge part, and making sure the wound is being cared for so healing can begin. I hope this song can remind us of that,” William adds.

Ending off the EP, we have “Man Makes His Borders”, a track that sounds like an indie-pop Bob Dylan—featuring a beautiful harmonica and melody that bleeds feeling with its Americana folk flare.

Check out the EP below, and stay up to date with Drew via his socials.

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