FIONN teams up with Josh Ramsay on new single, “Dirty Dancing”

Fionn, the Vancouver duo have proven to be an authentic pop prowess with their brand new single “Dirty Dancing.” The new single was co-written with Grammy Award-nominated writer and Marianas Trench frontman Josh Ramsay. The official music video for “Dirty Dancing” has recently been released for fans to check out and the single is available for streaming everywhere.

““Dirty Dancing” is a lighthearted and upbeat song about meeting someone new and fantasizing about the future you could have together. We both have met people on nights out that have ended up playing major roles in our lives, so this is a sugary account of that experience. We wanted the video to showcase the fun nature of the song and show off a bit of our personalities.” 

Already known for their honest lyricism and captivating storytelling, Fionn (Brianne & Alanna Finn Morris) have taken their talents in an even more diverse direction; encapsulating everything from sugary sweet sounds to moodier melodies. While remaining true to themselves, Fionn’s current vibe embraces a more playful side, which is a direct result of the sisters’ experiences and mindset over the past year.

Working with the duo to write and further develop their new sound, Josh Ramsay says

“Out of all the artists I’ve worked with, I’ve never gotten along creatively with anyone as easily as I do with Fionn. Those 2 are the real deal. We’re going to see big things from them.”

With a new catalogue of music to share throughout 2021, Fionn are proving themselves as one to watch. Watch the official music video for “Dirty Dancing” right here and stream the new single today.

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