Listen to Eric Ethridge’s new single “Sad Songs” to be captivated by the distinctive insight it delivers

To begin with, we at Canadian Beats would like to congratulate Eric Ethridge on his receiving CRIA Gold-certification for “California” and “If You Met Me First.” They both went gold at the same time at the end of December.

February 12 is the day that CCMA Award nominee Ethridge releases his newest single “Sad Songs” to all Canadian country music radio stations; and is already on all digital platforms as part of his latest EP. It’s the sixth track on his album Good With Me, and it’s not a typical heart-wrenching ballad that comes from a loss of love. It’s still a sad song that starts just that way but partway through transforms into something other than what’s expected. It turns out to be more upbeat with a positive spin with its catchy lyrics and a melody that is pop-infused. “Sad Songs” is a follow-up to two Top 40 singles, “Dream Girl” and “Kiss Me Goodbye,” also from his 2020 album Good With Me. 

So if you’re “tired of sad songs. The way that they feel,” this is a song that you’ll quite enjoy listening to over and over again.

To download or stream “Sad Songs,” click here.

To download or stream Good With Me, click here.

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