Weekly Beat Down – February 8, 2021 to February 13, 2021

Good Music Monday everyone, welcome back to another Weekly Beat Down of two amazing songs. You the viewers at home will be voting on your favourite, the one song counting with the most votes we’ll move on to next week. There will also be some recommendations for articles to check out in the video below. However it’s time to get into the music so let’s tune in to this week’s episode.

Returning from her debut in the last week’s, 100th episode. Christee Palace from Windsor is back with her single “What Have You Done to Me”. Be sure to go check it out on your favourite streaming platform, as well as the full video just below. Don’t  forget to get your votes in for your favourite song this week.

Our second artist will be joining us from Grand Prairie, Alberta. Three-piece psychedelic party Punk group Chiliocosm have just dropped the video for their latest single “Fight or Flight”. It is available on all streaming platforms now and you can check out the full video down below. Be sure to get your votes in for your favourite song this week.

Those will be the two songs facing off in this incredible Beat Down, get those votes in. Remember to hit the anonymous voted button so that is counted in with the rest. Also you have from Monday to Saturday night to get them votes in, no rush or anything. Don’t forget to share with your friends as well using this hashtag #WeeklyBeatDown.

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Thank you so much for checking in this week and I promise to be back with more amazing songs next Monday. Stay safe out there and PEACE, LOVE AND GOOD MUSIC TO EVERYONE!

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