Countdown to Le Phoque OFF Festival – Interview with Ariane Roy

Quebec City’s Le Phoque OFF festival will be going virtual this year. It will be held from February 12th to 20th, and feature a number of Quebec’s alternative bands and musicians.

This year’s event creates a chance to reconvene and dissert about important issues such as the place of women in music, mental health problems, and the arrival of virtual shows in our industry.

For only $ 12, you’ll be able to access all the programming! Passes for sale HERE.

In advance of the festival, we are catching up with some of the talents. First, we spoke with Kristian North, then Yoo Doo Right. Now, we’ve caught up with Quebec City’s Ariane Roy. Check out her latest video for, “Ta main” below, and find out more about the Ariane via our mini-interview.

First off, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi, my name is Ariane Roy and I’m an artist from Quebec City. I do pop music.

How does it feel to be a part of Le Phoque OFF 2021 festival on its 7th consecutive year?

I’m very happy to be back! When we performed last year, I was about to release my first EP. Now, the EP is almost one year old and I’m currently working on my first album. It will be nice to experiment Le Phoque OFF in two different contexts.

Le Phoque OFF 2021 will be going virtual this year, how do you prepare for a virtual festival compared to a standard festival?

For sure the experience will not be the same! But in a time where shows are rare, it’s really nice to just have the opportunity to play. Even if it’s hard to play in front of an empty room, I think you need to put more energy so that people can receive a little bit of it even if they’re not actually with you. That’s what we will try to do, haha.

What can someone who has yet to see you perform live expect from the performance?

For someone who has listened to the studio versions of the songs before, live versions will sound a little bit different. I like to try new things, and I really like to try new songs, even if they have not been released yet. That is what this person can expect.

What song of yours would you recommend a new listener check out?

Ta main, especially because I’m really proud of the videoclip we did with Adrian Villagomez.

Last but not least, how have you been keeping creative during the Pandemic?

I gave myself the time to write. I listened to a lot of music, watched documentaries, movies and shows on Netflix. It seems futile but it actually inspired me a lot. Because life was on pause, I needed to find inspiration and content somewhere else than in my own life, find other themes than solitude and introspection, especially at the beginning of the pandemic.

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