The Weather Station unveils new single and video “Parking Lot”

The Weather Station – project of Tamara Lindeman – release​d​ her new album, Ignorance, last Friday on Next Door Records. ​Earlier in the week, new song/video “Parking Lot” ​was​ the latest in a string of singles that put Lindeman’s refined sound front and center: “Atlantic”, “Tried to Tell You”, and “Robber”. “Parking Lot” is another dynamic stunner in which Lindeman places a vulnerable love song to a bird against subtle disco. It crescendos from tempoed percussion and flitting keys to quickening chords and dramatic strings as Lindeman sings of inexplicable emotions: ‘Everywhere we go there is an outside, over all of these ceilings hangs a sky // And it kills me when I – you know it just kills me when I see some bird fly // It just kills me, and I don’t know why.’ In the accompanying video, spontaneously shot and directed by Lindeman and Adam Crosby, Lindeman walks across an expansive field, a lavender-tinted sky as the horizon.

​Lindeman explains:

“‘Parking Lot’ is my strange gentle disco song about a humble encounter with a bird and being tired and being in love, and being heartbroken in ways I didn’t quite yet understand. I don’t fully know how everything connects in this song other than it obviously does.  I wanted to make the recording very passionate and beautiful while also being very muscular while also being very gentle, and so I did.”

Through Ignorance, Lindeman has created a novel sonic landscape for The Weather Station. It’s as hi-fi a record as Lindeman has ever made, breaking into pure pop at moments, at others a dense wilderness of notes; a deeply rhythmic and painful record that feels more urgent and clear than her work ever has. The natural world is everywhere on this record, intruding with force and poignancy. The Weather Station’s full band performance is rescheduled to March 11th due to Ontario’s COVID restrictions. The band will play Ignorance in its entirety, tickets for the livestream are available here.

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