Interview – Prescilla Una

Toronto, ON-based artist Prescilla Una has unveiled the new double single, “Better Place Than Heaven” from her sophomore album, Enlighten, which was released last December.

“Better Place Than Heaven” is an extremely emotional acoustic track, which is sporadically backed by a bone-chilling piano melody and a haunting vocal performance found within the chorus.

“’Better Place Than Heaven’ came to me in a dream,” Una says, in regards to the songwriting process. “I picked up my guitar immediately to find the chords, notes and proper strumming techniques, to catch the song before I lost it.”

The majority of the tune’s somber music video sees the Toronto-based artist laying on a tufted violet couch as she strums and sings her troubles away. The remixed music video (that’s right, there are two music videos), on the other hand? Accompanied by producer Sandro Peres’s upbeat, dance remix of the powerful song, Una can be seen in a sparkling silver dress as she dances around the same colourful environment as before — except this time, with a wide grin on her face as she sings along.

In regards to the vividly theatrical music videos, Una revealed they were recorded at a friend’s recording studio in Vaughan, ON. She was inspired to create the short after a trip to Brazil and said while it took only a day to shoot, it involved months of planning.

Check it out below, and find out more about Prescilla via our mini-interview.

First off, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Prescilla De Barros Irmao, aka Prescilla Una, Toronto’s lovely female sexy talented music diamond, with Brazilian Italian heritage, just released her triple sophomore album ENLIGHTEN, which took over 6 years to put together after her album MUSIC THERAPY. All self-produced. Big names on the album: Jason Pierce, Robert Babicz, Jesse Saunders, Sandro Peres, Greenville Pinto, and more. Passion and perseverance paid off during this COVID-19 release. She started writing more songs after MUSIC THERAPY and learned much on the production side of things to make this album GOLD. Whilst fighting a custody battle, various contracts, and no support from art grants in Canada, Una still pushed through to complete this masterpiece.

Tell us about the recording process behind the Better Place Than Heaven?

Initially, I had a dream about the chorus of the song and the piano riff. I quickly grabbed my guitar once I woke up to find the right key, chords, and notes. Visit for lyrics and guitar chords for her songs. I recorded at Jeff McCulloch’s studio. The process with Jeff from past experiences has always been smooth and high quality. Known him since the beginning of my career.  I always have enjoyed creating with Jeff since I went to his studio with my partner at the time who was also recording in his studio. Jeff has worked on a few other songs with me in the past, including the MUSIC THERAPY album.

What was the highlight of 2020? 

The completion of my triple album ENLIGHTEN on Dec. 1 202 was definitely the highlight. it took the entire lockdown to organize the final pieces to send off to master and remix.

What do you hope to accomplish in your career in 2021?

I hope that PR and marketing help my career with more performances and interviews as I am pro recording artist for this reason; to share my music, words, and sounds and have everyone, black, white, rich, poor, enjoy and relate to my songs that truly came from the heart and from God, into the world for all ears to hear and hearts to feel. I’d like to be on pop FM radio in North America. Europe and Asia really support me, so would love to feel more love from home for sure.

Is there anyone out there you’d like to collaborate with in the future?  

My dream collabz are; Deadmau5, Pharrell Williams, Courtney Love, NIN, Above and Beyond, Black Keys, Tame Impala, Diplo, Madonna, Drake, Justin Bieber, Steve Aoki, and Kaskade. All would sound different and super fun. I would focus on the artist’s strengths, my strengths, and fly from there. I would love to song write from Gwen Stephani, Ariana Grande,  Miley Cyrus, Billy Talent, and others.

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