Weekly Beat Down – February 1, 2021 to February 6, 2021

Welcome readers and spectators alike, It’s time for another round of the Weekly Beat Down. In this segment, we like to feature two songs that will go head-to-head for your votes. The song counting with the most votes and by Saturday night will be moving on to the next round. There will also be plenty of amazing recommendations on Zach’s Picks of the Week. So let’s tune in to our 100th episode, The Most Expensive Episode Ever.

Our newly-crowned champion after debuting in last week’s competition, Lavi$h from Toronto, Ontario is back. His song “I Got It” will be returning for another round of the Beat Down, you can check it out on all streaming sites.

Let’s see if Lavi$h can take “I Got It” to the next round, check out the full video and vote for your favorite down below.

Our newest competitor comes from Windsor, Ontario, and just premiered her video on our site. This week we have Christee Palace with the video for “What Have You Done To Me” to enjoy. Fun fact, this video was shot in quarantine at One Zero One Studio by Jaden D, and Christee herself. You check out the full video and vote just down below.

Those are the incredible songs that will be facing out for your votes this week. Be sure to hit that Anonymous vote button when you are submitting your vote so it’s counted. Remember, voting is open from Monday to Saturday night so don’t be late.

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Vote for your favourite artist on the Weekly Beat Down

I hope you enjoyed everything this week because I sure did. Thank you for a hundred episodes of the beatdown and I hope to be still around in a hundred MORE! Stay safe everyone, PEACE, LOVE & GOOD MUSIC!

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