Bif Naked releases new single, “Broke Into Your Car”

Multi-Gold and Platinum-selling Canadian rock star, author, songwriter, manager, producer, human and animal rights activist Bif Naked has unveiled her new single, “Broke Into Your Car”.

“This is a love song, even though it makes reference to a felony or mischief.  “Whoopsie!” she continues. “But yes, it really is a nod to the lengths a smitten person — in this case, moi — would go to to gain the attention and affection of their crush.

“I love the imagery of sitting in the back of one’s love interest’s car, perhaps leaving Polaroid pictures (among other things) behind…

“The height of romance!”

The song follows 2020’s release of “JIM,” and a year of continued immersion in the community as a prominent activist.

“Originally I considered releasing this track last Spring,” Bif recalls, “but with the ongoing pandemic, it seemed unimportant to me.

“As the summer went along and all of the social unrest and racial awakening that was beginning to really make change, my focus became less about my new album and more about being in the community.

“That has not changed.

“Eventually, we had scheduled a live performance December 30th that was postponed due to a new lockdown to try and curb rising COVID-19 numbers. This song was set to be a surprise during that performance, but I decided to release it now anyway and share some joy.”

Both “Broke into Your Car” and “JIM” serve as prime previews into Bif’s forthcoming full-length offering, CHAMPION.

Check out “Broke Into Your Car” below, and stay up to date with Bif via her socials.

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