Bad Western releases new single “Sun In Yr Eyes”

Last week, Montreal-born and Toronto-based band Bad Western released their second single since the launch of their debut EP back in 2018. The track, named “Sun In Yr Eyes” is an energetic and joyful rock tunes, with all proceeds from the song going to support Eva’s, a charity in Toronto that provides shelter, transitional housing, and programming to help homeless and at-risk youth reach their potential to lead productive, self-sufficient, and healthy lives.

About the track, lead singer Wyatt Fine-Gagné explains:

I wrote ‘Sun In Yr Eyes’ during a bit of a rough patch a few years ago. I’d saved up enough to be able to leave a job I didn’t like, and I had big plans about what I would do with my wide open schedule – but none of those plans got off the ground. Instead, I spent a lot of days doing nothing, feeling pretty down on myself. ‘Sun In Yr Eyes’ reflects some of those feelings, but it’s really about feeling grateful for the people in my life who help to pick me up when I’m feeling down.

The genesis of ‘Sun In Yr Eyes’ was its chorus. I wanted to write a chorus that had a sung “ooo” hook with some words bouncing off of it. Once I had the chorus written, Landen came up with that drum part, which somehow feels off-kilter while driving everything forward. I love it. We’ve had this in our live set for a couple years now and it’s become one of our absolute favourites to play. There’s an energy and a joy to the music in this song that I think is a nice counterbalance to its lyrical content.

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