Vivek Mehmi releases video for “Rubik’s Cube”

Mississauga, Ontario-based rapper, Vivek Mehmi has learned through his life journey that it’s just not enough to have a stable job, or a wealth of money, but what actually brings happiness is finding purpose.

“Purpose can serve as a motivator to shift your focus. You would think that working harder or more intensely would be more fruitful. But that may not always be the case. I had to approach my challenges differently, I took a different path to find my purpose”

He continued, “I wanted to create something that could last beyond my lifetime but also give back in a positive way. I learned that I needed to get through this, so I can share what I’ve learned. My music is my voice.”

Vivek has unveiled a video for his single, “Rubik’s Cube”.

He shares,

“I wanted to tell a story about persisting through difficult times, whether its COVID related, or work related or just with your own mental health, that eventually things will make sense. Don’t give up.”

The video was shot in Mississauga with notable landmarks: the Melrose Towers, Celebration Square, and Erindale Park. The song itself is about finding purpose and healing and it’s been used in over 250+ TikTok videos and growing.

“It was important for me to reflect different parts of Mississauga that people may be familiar with like the Melrose Towers or the stage at Celebration Square. This is my home and I wanted people to see that I am just like them, hustling just like they are, maybe even a neighbour”.

Check out the video below, and stay up to date with Vivek via his socials.

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