PREMIERE – Ewan Macintyre releases new album, Dream on Sally

Originally from Edinburgh, Scotland, singer-songwriter Ewan Macintyre came to Canada in 2014 and has now unveiled his newest full-length album, Dream on Sally. Mixing all the appealing sounds of Celtic groove, Americana folk, and stripped back-soul, Macintyre and his band take the listener through dazzling folk roots stories—filled with pizzicato cello and fiddle strings, warm and wavy guitar hooks, and of course, Macintyre’s raw, but soothing voice.

Simply, Macintyre’s Dream on Sally LP showcases Macintyre and his band’s ability to transcend genre. Every band member has his or her moment in the sun and this marriage of flair and discipline informs each track, leaving no wasted notes or silences.

“The new album is a celebration of our relationship as a trio and the amalgamation of 5 years hard work,” Macintyre says.”I also wanted to include a more Celtic, traditional-sounding element that is closer to what our live show is about.”

Check out Dream on Sally below, and stay up to date with Ewan via his socials.

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