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Whether someone knows him as Gregory the Farmer or Gregory the Singer, Alberta’s Drew Gregory knows the meaning of hard work, and that’s translated so perfectly on his newest single, “Beer With Anyone”. The lyrics, the melody, and the overall vibe all make it very clear that his artist knows how to make true Country music that so many lifelong fans are craving.

From the very first strum of “Beer With Anyone”, you can tell it’s good ‘ol country music, which is super refreshing! What artists or bands make you feel this way with every listen

Thank you! Riley Green is a new artist that I’m really getting into. He actually put an acoustic album out ahead of his latest EP and it was one of the inspirations behind wanting to do an acoustic album of my own. I think there’s also a great resurgence of Honky Tonk music coming back which makes me really happy. The Luke Combs and Midland and Jon Pardi’s are all doing a great job of putting a new spin on a more traditional lane of country!

Coming from a very strong farming background, how would you say this helped shape you as an artist?

At the farm, you get to do everything from the hands on stuff to the business to the networking. I think especially early on this helped me in my music career and I’ve since gotten to work with some amazing and talented people that have elevated each area of the music career but I still like to have a hand in everything that happens. It’s also taught me about controlling what I’m able to control and not worrying about what you can’t. The weather changes out here as much as it does in the music business. You just have to keep putting your head down and working. On the creative side of things, it definitely gives me a lot to write about!

Having had the chance to perform on huge stages including at the Big Valley Jamboree and The Calgary Stampede, where else do you dream of performing once live shows return?

I will play for almost anyone anywhere at this point! Seriously though, the energy on those stages is always incredible and I look forward to getting back to them but I also look forward to getting back to the songwriters nights and some more of the intimate settings as well. I always make sure I have a dynamic range of music in everything I put out not only to keep the ear interested but also so I have a wide range of stages I’m able to play on. Being on a stage and audience connection is my absolute favourite part of this whole journey and I’ve missed that massively but I know it’ll be back and I know there’s a lot of people who will be hungry for it when it does!

It just takes one glance at your social media to see you’re a huge family man. How do you find that work/life/fun balance?

Luckily work, life, and fun can all be done at the same time for me! We definitely involve the kids in the music and the farm and I am lucky to be in two careers that I absolutely love. I like to intertwine them by doing things like singing in the tractor for FB and Instagram lives and have always found long days in the field great opportunities to think about things to write about. Between the family, the farm, and music there is always a great reason to get up in the morning! I also have an amazing team and an incredibly supportive family and I can’t thank them enough for helping me stay active in all the things I love to do!

What are your plans for the next six months?

We have such an incredible amount of content to put out around this album as we had a film crew out the whole weekend we recorded it. So we are going to spread that out over a few months and as we do that hopefully get back in the studio to work on another fully produced album as I’ve been doing a ton of writing with the extra time off this year. Then, as soon as they give the ok to play live, we will be going on a massive blitz to get in front of as many people as possible. I can’t wait to get back out to see all the great fans of Canadian country music! They’ve been so supportive online through this all but there is nothing like seeing some faces out in the crowd!

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