Arsenal Mills releases lyric video for “The Bleeding Heart”

PEI-based band Arsenal Mills is back with their sophomore single, “The Bleeding Heart”.

“‘The Bleeding Heart’ was never meant to be an Arsenal Mills song, strangely enough,” lead vocalist and guitarist Brad Milligan muses. “It began as a song I had written for someone special in my life, so I was planning on keeping it for myself.

“But it was a little too raw,” he continues. “I’m not usually one to write ‘love songs,’ but ‘The Bleeding Heart’ isn’t your average love song. After showing it to the band, we collectively realized it was worth working on and perfecting.”

The single is the second of a few set to land ahead of the emerging East Coast band’s forthcoming debut EP, Lovesick & Broke; it follows this summer’s earlier single offering of the same name.

“‘Lovesick & Broke’ helped us find our sound as a collective,” lead guitarist and vocalist Griff Arsenault says. “It paved the way for the rest of the album. ‘The Bleeding Heart’ is an 80s-inspired ballad for those craving a nostalgic vibe, and features little, unexpected moments, which I just love in songs.”

“It creates an interesting, contrasting image,” bassist, keys and synth man André U adds of their debut single. “It’s one of those songs that sounds very positive and energetic yet, at the same time, the lyrics are the opposite.

“’The Bleeding Heart’ has lyrical depth, melodies, and harmonies aplenty, and I feel is a truer representation of what we will become.”

“‘Lovesick & Broke’ is one of my absolute favourite songs to play; there’s just such an unmatched, fun energy to it,” drummer and percussionist Josh MacNeil considers. “‘The Bleeding Heart’ joins it — it’s such a blast to perform.

“The two are a really great showcase of our versatility and how we made our vision a reality.”

Check out the lyric video for “The Bleeding Heart” below, and stay up to date with Arsenal Mills via their socials.

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