Weekly Beat Down – December 21, 2020 to December 26, 2020

Merry early Christmas everyone, welcome to the only thing that you can look forward to on a Monday. The Weekly Beat Down is where we will be facing two amazing songs and their artists, against one another for your votes at home. We’ve also got to congratulate our newest inductees to the Weekly Beatdown Hall of Fame. Congratulations to The Midnight Echo and their song “Carbon Copy”, which dominated the voting polls for the last 6 weeks. Now that means we have some new songs to debut this week. There’s also going to be a couple of recommended articles from our website that I believe you will enjoy. They’re called Zach’s Picks of the Week and you can find all of this stuff in the video down below.

Alrighty everybody, let’s start things off with the first artist joining us this week. Victoria, BC Hip-Hop/Rapper Yung Auz has released his first new song in over 3 years. The new single is called “Ghosted” and features Lucas Bosma on guitar. Be sure to check out his new song on your favourite streaming services now. You at home also better check out the video just down below and get your votes in for your favourite song.

The second artist that will be joining us on this week’s addition is coming from the United Kingdom. Here with a more serious Christmas song, we have Bristol, UK rapper Gimson who has joined forces with Sudbury, Ontario artist dadbOdd. These gentlemen have released the new single “Don’t need that for Christmas” and is available on all streaming platforms. Be sure to check out the video below and get your votes for your favourite.

Those will be the two amazing songs facing off on this fresh new lineup of the Beat Down. Now it’s up to you at home to cast your votes and crown a winner by the end of the week. Be sure you hit that anonymous vote button so that your vote goes in the count.

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I hope you all have very happy holidays and make sure that your family knows you love them this season. I will, of course, be back next week with some more excitement and new music. Stay tuned folks and as always, PEACE, LOVE AND GOOD MUSIC TO YOU ALL!!

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