Chair Warriors release new single, “Spirit”

Montreal, QC-based melodic alt-rock power trio, Chair Warriors have released their new single, “Spirit”. The track follows the story of an ‘entity’ on the mission of conveying an important message to the human race, mainly, how the knowledge of this entity or spirit can change the fate of the world.

“With the New wave synth elements we incorporated, it reminded me of the relationship synths and sci-fi have and encouraged me to speak about something a little esoteric with the lyrics “(outer-dimensional entities and whatnot),” says lead vocalist and keyboardist, Brandon Mignacca.

“Spirit” is a hopeful, synth-poppy, and all-encompassing track that utilizes the full potential of Chair Warriors’ wall of sound approach. Even though the band is only made up of three, at times it sounds like they have a full orchestra backing them up.

Check out the single below, and stay up to date with the band via their socials.

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