Astrid Tanton releases new single, “Better Off”

Canadian indie-pop singer-songwriter Astrid Tanton has released a video for her single, “Better Off”.

The sophomore single from her forthcoming debut album, From My Eyes, “Better Off” continues to pair the fast-rising 18-year-old artist’s insights with her unique sound; the album’s premiere song, “Comfort,” was released earlier this Fall.

“‘Better Off’ follows me trying to navigate what I think is best for me vs what the people who I care about think is best for me,” Tanton says, sharing the song’s meaning. “It’s about the battle between what you feel in your heart going against what those who know you and care for you think.

“In life, people you look to might have different opinions of what you should do in certain situations,” she continues. “Sometimes you’re going to take risks that your loved ones won’t always understand, but you need to feel grounded and secure in your decisions.”

Check out the video for “Better Off” below, and stay up to date with her via her socials.

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