margø releases new single, “someone else”

Canadian-born rock/pop artist, margø has unveiled her new single, “someone else” along with a lyric video for the release.

“’someone else’ is a song inspired by the internal battle between oneself and their anxiety. In this song, anxiety is personified as someone I’m in a bad relationship with – because at times, that’s really how it feels. There can be such a push and pull between good times and bad times, and “someone else” is meant to comment on how anxiety (and all of the emotions that come with it) can sometimes make me feel like I’m disconnected from my normal self…

It’s not always simple to be easy on yourself and acknowledge that you’re struggling at times – and this song addresses that sometimes you feel as though you have to hide what you’re going through and pretend that everything is okay. Anxiety can make you feel so isolated at times – so I hope that with this song the discussion around mental health continues to be normalized, and that listeners can feel as though whatever they’re going through, they aren’t going through it alone”.

Check out the lyric video below, and stay up to date with margø via her socials.

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