Five Questions With SEKSI

SEKSI, the popstar alter-ego of Toronto-based Luke Hayes has returned with an all-new single entitled “Be My Christmas Dream Tonight.”

Inspired by the likes of Max Martin, this instant pop classic takes its listeners on a journey, complete with a surprise gospel ending. The two-minute, 45 second-spanning dance track is chock full of enough jingling bells and heartfelt, romantic verses to leave anyone with a wide-eyed grin on their faces.

While it’s an undeniably fun and wholesome song that reminds the listener of many of the traditional joys that, pre-pandemic, come along with the holiday season — including caroling and partying with friends — when you listen closely, it actually becomes clear that there’s a deeper message embedded within this bass-driven Christmas single.

SEKSI’s lyricism makes it clear that he’s yearning to celebrate the festivities with a special someone… And truthfully, can’t we all relate to that right now? The fact is, many of us will be spending the holidays this year without the presence of those nearest and dearest to us — possibly for the first time ever — all because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Be My Christmas Dream Tonight” is a song that speaks to the feeling of wanting to spend the holidays with someone special during the holiday season. It was produced with the intent to bring people together, especially during a time when we can’t physically be together. Luke wanted this happy-go-lucky tune to “uplift” and “inspire” during such a difficult time and the surprise gospel ending in the song certainly uplifts.

The Toronto chef said it best in the first line of the song: “it’s been such a long year,” so shouldn’t we be making the most of it? But how can we do that, some might ask? Music. It brings us all together, which is exactly what Luke wanted to do with “Be My Christmas Dream Tonight.”

Check out the lyric video below, and find out more about SEKSI via our Five Questions With segment.

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

I’m Luke Hayes, Toronto Chef by day, popstar by night. I founded L.U.S.T Supper Club 6 years ago, and it has been an incredible journey. Food and music are my two biggest passions, so when I’m not cooking, I’m writing songs and producing. Ever since I was a kid I’ve been obsessed with pop music, old school disco and funk/rnb, and it’s so exciting to turn my ideas and passion into a reality. I first got into producing when I was around 15, wrote a few songs, and omg when I hear them now I’m horrified…they were SO BAD!

Tell us a bit about your music and writing style with the song.

The music and artists that I’ve loved since I was a kid are Max Martin, Rick James, Nile Rodgers, The Bee Gees, Sylvester, and Prince (feel free to get in touch with me Max Martin and Nile Rodgers lol). I’m definitely inspired by these iconic influences. Modern pop is what I’m about, and telling a story, setting a mood, getting the vibe right gives me life. When I’m writing and producing a song, my three rules are keep it exciting, keep it memorable, and don’t let the listener get bored.

Funny enough I wasn’t trying to write a Christmas song, but “Be My Christmas Dream Tonight” came to me while I was kneading bread, and my first thought was ‘I don’t write Christmas music’. But the energy and uplifting vibes of the Christmas spirit just wouldn’t go away, and before I knew it, I’d written a whole song with melody and everything in place. I produced and recorded it as fast as possible to capture the spirit I was feeling. You read about famous musicians writing pop classics in an hour and you think that is just a story they tell. But this song made me learn that isn’t true – wonderful things can come to you when you least expect it. I knew there had to be a massive gospel ending to capture the feeling of all of our voices together, longing for our Christmas dreams to come true.

How are you keeping creative without shows? What are you spending your time on?

It’s interesting, my 2 passions feed each other. I’m either cooking and developing new menus every week for my L.U.S.T @ Home supper club delivery service, and when I’m not, my creative energy gets fueled into new tunes. I have so many songs that I’m currently working on, and putting the pieces together to create the perfect package is exciting for me, kind of like putting the perfect recipe together. Right now I’m putting the finishing touches on the lyrics for my next song…this one means a lot to me, the chorus came to me 2 years ago, and I’m so excited.

Tell me about the holiday times growing up.

There’s a lot tied up in the Holiday Season for me. When I was super young, it was a great time of year, with all of the things a Holiday Season should be. But when I was a little older, it was tough, my parents broke up, and there were a lot of difficult times. My girlfriend is obsessed with Christmas, and because of that, Christmas means everything to me now. To be able to enjoy the little things like putting up a tree, watching a Christmas movie, I’m so grateful that we can enjoy that together.

Canadian Beats is all about Canadian music, so who are your current favourite Canadian bands/ artists?

It’s always so hard to choose my faves, there are so many! But I definitely love Kaytranada, The Weeknd, Stars, producer Frank Dukes, and Jessie Reyez.

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