PREMIERE – Matt Storm x Ivan Hartle release new collab track, “More To Find”

Vancouver, BC-based musicians Matt Storm and Ivan Hartle didn’t set out to create their collab track, “More To Find”. In fact, it kind of happened by accident.

“I’ve been producing and recording Ivan’s music for over a year now, and he showed up at the studio one day with a long list of ‘to do’s’ for his songs in progress,” says Matt Storm. “We both sat there feeling a bit overwhelmed with the tasks ahead, so we plugged in a Wurlitzer keyboard and started jamming. Ivan started playing a riff that caught my attention that he had written it the week before, on an old beat up piano. I quickly laid down a percussive rhythm on the body of an acoustic guitar, a technique I’d been toying with for a while, and it set the foundation around the keyboard. Once we had that, Ivan simply said ‘Is this our collab track?’ He could sense I was itching to get on the song. Riding the wave of inspiration, we organized melodies, wrote lyrics, and recorded the entire song in that one day.” 

Today, we’ve teamed up with these two to unveil “More To Find”. The soul-influenced laid back track is perfect for Sunday morning playlists, but despite its chill mood, the song’s deeper meaning is a bit more heavy.

“‘More To Find’ is a song about soul searching, coming to terms with your past, and embracing the uncertainty of your future,” says Ivan Hartle. “Matt and I have similar musical tastes, so this collaboration was long overdue, and it came together with a level of spontaneity and inspiration that’s captured in the recording.”

Check out “More To Find” below, and stay up to date with the artists via their socials.

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