Quartom announces a new multimedia event – Meet the Classics

Quartom has announced that they will be presenting a new multimedia event, Meet the Classics. Quartom wants to help you discover great classical music through a modern and original formula in the comfort of your home. The vocal quartet will present their performance on Thursday, November 19, 2020 at 8 PM via Whitebox. You can access a visual and sound experience at the cutting edge of technology, unheard of in Quebec’s classical universe. The vibrant quartet consists of tenor, Philippe Gagné, two baritones, Julien Patenaude and Benoit Le Blanc, and a bass baritone, Philippe Martel.

The performance, which will also include an informal and relaxed conversation with Marc Labrèche, will be a unique event where humor, and the exchange between the singers and the host, will coexist with the interpretation of many pieces from Quartom’s new album Rendez-vous. These four young singers plan to delight your ears and surprise you also performing some popular hits in their own unique and classical style.

What could be better in the midst of this pandemic than to immerse yourself in a celestial musical universe where the classical meets modernity? This event will not just be the recording of a live concert, but rather an unforgettable experience from a studio at the cutting edge of technology, the Whitebox Play studio. Viewers will be able to experience Quartom’s vocal harmonization at a performance level rarely heard.

You can purchase your tickets for the multimedia event, Meet the Classics right here. The quartet’s performance is scheduled for Thursday, November 19, 2020 at 8 PM.

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