BEYRIES releases new album, Encounter and unveils video for “Graceless”

BEYRIES’ sophomore album, Encounter is out now on Bonsound. The singer-songwriter takes this opportunity to unveil the music video for the song “Graceless,” a rousing, Springsteen-ian anthem that leaves no emotional stone unturned and gets you bobbing your head. When we inevitably return to some sort of normalcy with live performances, expect “Graceless” to become an instant concert favourite, one that simultaneously hits your gut and sticks in your head.

The music video for “Graceless” was created by French director Raphaëlle Chovin, who directed the videos for “Closely” and “Over Me,” two singles that are also off BEYRIES’ new album Encounter. The video expresses the sentiment that no matter our situation, we can make it work when we join forces. Propelled by grandiose aesthetics and a unifying narrative, “Graceless” expands the scope of BEYRIES as an artist, capturing the essence of today’s unpredictable climate, while honoring the difficult personal battles we all face.

Every song on Encounter, BEYRIES’ new majestic 11-track LP, tells a story. Through her unceasing commitment to songcraft, melody, harmony, and lyrics, the album elegantly describes the earnest, fulfilling connections we make along our journey. Composed entirely on her recently restored 1923 Heintzman & Co. family piano, and expanded with lush instrumentation, BEYRIES approached songwriting with a fundamental desire to write songs like the classics from her youth. She kept working at them until each piece embodied the kind of timeless spirit that leaves a person in awe. Encounter also asks and answers the question that lingers in every songwriter: what’s my story? With this album, BEYRIES dug deep within herself to share her story in a way like never before.

BEYRIES has also announced upcoming tour dates for 2021! The new tour dates include; 

Watch the music video for “Graceless” via YouTubeEncounter is available now on vinyl and on all music services.

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