PREMIERE – Sam Kaiser releases new single, “Good Things”

20-year-old Sam Kaiser splits his time between Kingston, ON, and Hong Kong. Today, he has unveiled his new single, “Good Things” to the world.

The track was written, produced, mixed, and mastered by Sam, and is a reflection on the existence and nature of “good things”, as they only really become good once they’re over.

He mentions that “it’s hard to know when you’re living beautiful moments, you can only look back on them fondly and wonder why they had to end.  That sounds a bit sad, but those moments are only beautiful or “good” because they are fleeting, and that feeling is what I wanted to capture here.”

“Good Things” is like meditation.  A reflection on all the good things experienced in life, and a recognition of those beautiful fleeting moments and the people you’ve spent them with.

Check out “Good Things” below, and stay up to date with Sam via his socials.

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