Harmonium goes symphonic after 44 years with new album, “Histoires Sans Paroles”

Legendary Quebec prog-rock band Harmonium is set to release their new album, Histoires Sans Paroles. 

Imagine the unforgettable repertoire of the Harmonium – the eponymous debut album HarmoniumEt si on avait besoin d’une cinquième saison and L’Heptade – revisited and orchestrated by talented music arranger Simon Leclerc.

And, now imagine this timeless music performed by 68 musicians of the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal (OSM), conducted by Maestro Leclerc, and you get Histoires sans paroles – Harmonium symphonique co-produced by Serge Fiori and Simon Leclerc, under the artistic direction of Nicolas Lemieux, president of GSI Musique.

This is the first project from Harmonium since the release of L’Heptade 44 years ago. This symphonic performance of Histoires sans paroles, totaling more than 140 minutes, is more than simple orchestral interpretations. It’s a reworking of the songs revealing the compositions in a whole new light.

Histoires sans paroles will be available on December 3rd, exclusively at www.harmoniumsymphonic.com in the following formats: digital version; boxed set containing two CDs and a booklet illustrated with photos taken during the recording at the Maison Symphonique, in Serge Fiori’s presence; boxed set containing four vinyl albums and a booklet consisting of extensive texts and a wide selection of pictures commemorating this very unique moment.

Be sure to pre-order HERE, and you’ll be able to hear the first excerpt of what will certainly become a time-defining masterpiece, the song “Harmonium”.

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