Review – ROOKS

Album: The High Road
Release Date: November 6, 2020
Genre: Rock

The High Road is the debut release from Calgary-based 3-piece rock band Rooks. This album is a mix of hard rock and the sentimentality and wholesomeness of positivity and growth whilst making a statement that they mean business when it comes to connecting our global culture and how it’s affecting our modern world. To build the mood it starts off with the opening and title track. In this, we have a message of making a mark in the world mixed with chugging riffs. “Hometown Hero” is a reminder of the hard work it takes, the dedication to your craft, and becoming a celebrity in your own backyard.

Standout tracks for me were “Vagrant Dreams”, a Black Keys inspired foot-tapper that will have you dancing in your seat (you know because of COVID), “The High Road”, and “Yeah”, a blues-inspired riff about singing your own damn song after playing the same ol’ tired tunes that you know the chorus to.

This album was produced by the band themselves, making them a force to be reckoned with, due to having many years of experience in the music industry under their belt, such as collaborating with other musicians, manning the mixing board, and tour managing.

Overall, this album is a juxtaposition of beautifully encapsulating the sounds, lyrics, and production that a true artist strives for. Beyond that, what makes this hit home is the drive and dedication that one must have to make it in life no matter what you are passionate about.

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