PREMIERE – Syd Carter West releases video for “Cheaters”

Vancouver, BC-based musician Syd Carter West filmed her music video for “Cheaters” during the pandemic, outdoors. West, along with the small cast and crew, traveled just outside the city to Golden Ears Provincial Park.

“Cheaters” is off of West’s forthcoming self-titled EP, and is powerful beyond measure. The track was written about her personal experience of being cheated on in a past relationship and how she was able to gain the confidence to end the relationship for good.

“The video for my tune ‘Cheaters’ portrays a wicked bonfire setting where a mysterious ghost who died from a broken heart, helps a young woman come to the realization that the relationship she has with herself is more important than the love she has from her cheating partner,” says Syd Carter West.

Check out the video for “Cheaters” below, or find it now on Spotify, and other digital retailers and streaming services.

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