Nora Toutain releases her debut album, Grounding Place, Vol. 1

Montreal, QC-based Nora Toutain released her debut album, Grounding Place, Vol. 1 on October 9, 2020.

Produced by Chris Vincent, member of notable electro-soul band Busty and the Bass, the album is one half of a collection of songs that honours and celebrates her roots in her home of North Africa, the place that grounds her and where her story began.

The album, which features her debut single, “Bad At Love”, travels between alternative and contemporary r&b sounds, neo-soul, funk, jazz, and afro-pop.

“Musically speaking, the album moves a lot. It’s dynamic and painted with bright and warm colours, with a playful and child-like energy…”

Check out the album below, and stay up to date with Nora via her socials.

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