Glassreel releases new single, “Ride Along”

Winnipeg, MB-based rock-pop outfit Glassreel has released their new single, “Ride Along”.

“At its core, ‘Ride Along’ is a song about codependency,” Kelly Beaton details. “It’s a song about falling back on a shared past in order to justify present relationships.”

“I view the lyrics as a message to a weak-willed past self,” songwriter Graumann shares. “It’s a reminder to go for it rather than letting the people around you control your life. This message is tempered with a reminder in the bridge to not be too hard on oneself — ‘ride along / it’s okay.’”

“Musically, the track sprints through its defiant verses, continually upping the stakes until the chorus vocals surround and abound with an emphasis on the phrase, “all along.” “It illustrates how constantly we’re called upon to make decisions in our lives,” Graumann adds.

The video below features the EP’s cover art, the handiwork of Winnipeg-based artist Emma Mayer. Check it out, and stay up to date with the band via their socials.

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