Dalannah releases video for “Look Ahead”

Canadian matriarch of the blues and veritable force of musical nature Dalannah has unveiled a video for her new single, “Look Ahead” from her fifth and most recent studio album, Looking Back.

“This song is an invitation and a reminder for us all as ‘stewards of the land’ to ensure we walk consciously and conscientiously in regard to Mother Earth and all living things,” Dalannah says. “The current climate in regards to Mother Earth is a sign that we must be aware of the damage we are causing; waters are receding and flooding, ancient icebergs are melting.

“We have entered a crucial time in our relationship to Mother Earth, and it is our responsibility to be active in ‘changing the tide.’ We cannot be idle in our daily practices. I encourage everyone to act with consideration and be an example of the positive and good way to respect the environment and all living things. We must carry the torch of respect for Mother Earth.

“As Chief Dan George says, ‘We are as much alive as we keep the earth alive.’

Check out the video below and stay up to date with Dalannah via her socials.

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