Born Ruffians shares the video for “Waylaid” ft. Hannah Georgas

Earlier this week, Born Ruffians shared the video for their latest single “Waylaid”, taken from their new album, SQUEEZE, out now via the band’s own Wavy Haze Records. The single “Waylaid” features the inimitable Hannah Georgas joining Luke Lalonde on vocals.

With the video, Lalonde welcomes fans to “enter into the analog dream world, first-person experience of space-time. Where eras and nanoseconds coalesce, folding eternally outward into golden memories.”

The video’s director and animator, Martin Macpherson, describes the making of the clip​:

“I wanted to explore this idea of a dreaming person as they subconsciously navigate various ways to define a romantic relationship and all that comes with it. As they float through visions of nostalgia, fantasy and impermanence they are ultimately presented with ideas that make a clear definition impossible but provides a feeling of cautious optimism, regardless of how dark things may seem.”

SQUEEZE is the band’s seventh since guitarist/vocalist Luke Lalonde, bassist Mitch DeRosier and drummer Steve Hamelin emerged as a fully formed trio of rock ‘n’ roll oddballs from a high school in Midland, Ontario, 16 years ago. Ruffians have definitely been continuing to have a lot of fun together 16 years on, hence the ongoing “eruption” of songwriting – or “big squeeze of creativity,” if you will – that had the band planning on releasing JUICE and SQUEEZE as part of a multi-album continuum well before COVID-19 hit.

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