Review – Samara Yung

Album: Things I Can’t Turn Off
Release Date: October 16, 2020
Genre: Country

Things I Can’t Turn Off is the fifth studio album from Saskatchewan based artist Samara Yung.

Every track on Things I Can’t Turn Off is about love; specifically, the type of love Samara seems to practice exclusively in. That is all-encompassing, heady, intoxicating, all or nothing type of love — the type of love that not everyone can handle, but Samara can’t turn it off. Through its bursting energy and its upbeat lyrics, though, I Can’t Turn Off leaves the listener with the conclusion that even if it causes some of her relationships to fail, Samara is unrepentant about her love as she wouldn’t have it any other way. In terms of style, I Can’t Turn Off lives on the border of pop and new country. As an accompaniment to Samara’s rich, expressive voice, the album also includes electric guitars, drums, steel pedal, banjos, samples, and male backing. This is a great album for kicking up your heels with your friends and lovers or even grabbing a broom and dancing around the living room by yourself.

A standout track for me on Things I Can’t Turn Off is the track “Proceed with Caution”. “Proceed with Caution” pushes the pop tone of Things I Can’t Turn Off all the way from country to the fence of R&B. Using a Motown-inspired guitar baseline and swinging beat, the song wouldn’t feel out of place in the soda shoppe. In the track, Samara teases a new lover that a relationship with her is all-encompassing so they better be ready for the consequences; because if they don’t Proceed with Caution, the intensity of love that Samara will give them might make their head spin right off.

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