PREMIERE – Cassandra Maze releases lyric video for “Something I Like (Fake Noises Remix)”

Canadian electro-pop songstress, Cassandra Maze is back with a brand new lyric video for her newly remixed single, “Something I Like”, which was remixed by Fake Noises.

Cassandra is a captivating performer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, who is often referred to as the female “Ed Sheeran”, due to her seamless looping skills.

Since releasing “Something I Like” on August 17, 2020, she’s been busy working on a new 2-part concept album and launching Maze Productions, an entity formed not only for self-production but also for music and film projects with other artists.

Check out the lyric video below and learn a bit more about Cassandra and the single via our mini-interview segment.

First off, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hello, Canadian Beats! I’m Cassandra Maze, an electro-pop songstress, and one-woman-band, with a penchant for the moon and the colour red.

What can you tell us about your new remixed single, “Something I Like”?

This remix is like the original’s alter ego. It was remixed by Glasgow-based ambient/electronic artist, Fake Noises, whom I had the pleasure of meeting while on tour in the UK this past February. Fake Noises reimagines “Something I Like” as a chill, haunting ballad, casting a dark and beautiful atmosphere around the original vocal melody. I love how the remix brings out more yearning qualities of the original song, and transforms dance vibes into pensive 4am vibes.

Tell us about the video-making process.

A red rose is a central image in the “Something I Like” mythos, and I wanted to play into that symbolism even more. I had joked that I’d done pretty much everything to mutilate roses except light them on fire, so this time I did just that. I got my friend and fellow music-maker, Aridonis, to help me with the filming and set-up. We had to submerge the roses in a shocking amount of lighter fluid in order for them to catch fire. (You might notice how slick those flowers look before they burst in flame). In the end, I think they look as beautiful blackened and charred as they do in their untouched state.

You were on tour in the UK when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, how did you handle that?

Fortunately, for the first 5 weeks of the tour, COVID-19 hadn’t yet become a pandemic and didn’t affect our plans for travel or for playing shows. It was only during my last 2 weeks in the UK, when my best friend flew from Vancouver to meet me in London, that sh*t got real! The two of us were in Malta enjoying a brief getaway when Trudeau made his announcement that all Canadians had to come home. Much scrambling to change flights, and some minor panic, ensued. When we got back to London, we rented a car to avoid taking public transportation, and since everyone was staying home, the rental car company presumably had a lot of luxury sedans just kicking around. So they offered us a brand new Mercedes-Benz for the price of a beater, and I had to very quickly get over my anxiety around driving on the opposite side of the road! We made it back safely, and it all worked out in the end. I still don’t understand how to properly exit a multi-lane roundabout, though.

What can fans expect from you next?

I’ll be tucked away in the studio all winter, taking refuge from the cold and working on a 2-part self-produced album, which will find its way into the world early 2021. And, as soon as musicians are able to tour again, fans can expect to see me in a city near them! xo

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