Meg Warren releases video for new single, “Bomb”

Toronto-based, Newfoundland & Labrador-born and bred singer-songwriter, producer and engineer, Meg Warren has unveiled a video for her new single, “Bomb, which is the first single from Meg’s forthcoming EP, A Thousand Ways, set for release on November 27, 2020.

Directed, filmed, and edited by Wild Black, the moniker of multidisciplinary artist, Elsa Gebremichael, Bomb is about navigating memories or associations with a painful part of your past.

“You could hear or see one tiny reminder an Instagram post, a casual reference in a conversation, a text and it sets off this wave of internal panic or fear or shame that hangs over you all day,” Meg says. “It’s like a bomb going off in your mind or your heart.”

The visual is a DIY collaboration between Meg and Wild Black, resiliently working around pandemic-based restrictions that arose to challenge the production.

“We shot the video over two days with an iPhone Xr and JVC Camcorder which really captured the lo-fi aesthetic we had envisioned for this 90s grunge, guitar heavy, Weezer-esque song. I wanted to make something reminiscent to the music videos we watched on Much Music growing up,” Wild Black says.  

“Filmmaking, music video creation as well as music production and recording, etc. can feel daunting and overwhelming to beginners, especially to BIPOC and Queer beginners, who are consistently underrepresented in this industry and I think it’s important to show that with minimal / more accessible gear and being self-taught, you can still create something fun, unique and meaningful.”

Check out “Bomb” below and stay up to date with Meg via her socials.

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