Craig Cardiff releases video for new single, “Emm & May”

Multi-award nominated Canadian folk singer-songwriter, Craig Cardiff details the special kind of unabashed bliss that accompanies summer romance with the release of his new single and video, “Emm & May”.

Calling on inspiration for everything from those first kisses to late-night bonfires, to lean-close hand-holding and gazing up endlessly at the stars, “Emm & May” is a rambunctious, enveloping folk refrain about a budding love observed through the eyes of someone who loves to share a good story.

The single is the second to arrive ahead of his upcoming album, All This Time Running, and is instantly in keeping with Cardiff’s signature style of songwriting inspired by the sights and souls around him; for almost a decade, the Arnprior, Ontario-based artist has passed around a notebook titled ‘Book of Truths’ during shows, encouraging the audience to write and share something — a story, a confession, a hope or a secret — they might be too afraid to say out loud.

The video for “Emm & May” features songwriter and actor Lane Webber and is directed by Jennifer Besworth. Cardiff is notably absent from the video, a decision the songwriter says was obvious.

“The song might be from my brain, but I wanted to capture it from a completely different perspective,” Cardiff shares. “The song isn’t about me, it’s about this beautiful, sweet, short love story, so it was important for me to let them — the actors and the director — tell it.”

Check out the video for “Emm & May” below and stay up to date with Craig via his socials.

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