PREMIERE – Gabe Penner releases new single, “Mesopelagic”

Gabe Penner of Her Brothers has taken some time during the COVID-19 pandemic to write some solo instrumental material.

Today, he unveils his first solo release, “Mesopelagic”. The track is from his upcoming EP, Trieste, who’s namesake comes from the Italian bathyscaphe that was the first of it’s kind to reach a depth of 10,911 metres.

“If I could live right by the ocean I would. I’ve always been incredibly in love with and equally scared of it. Throughout the lockdown a lot of stuff has come up for me that I suppose was beneath the surface that I never saw or had to face until this extended period of slowed down time and self isolating. Since I haven’t been galavanting out along the beach this was the second best way for me to try and make sense of things and attempt to calm the onslaught of anxiety that I as well as many others are experiencing.”

Check out “Mesopelagic” below and stay up to date with Gabe via his socials.

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