Greg Rider releases new single, “Accident”

Canadian country-pop artist, Greg Rider is back with a brand new single, “Accident”.

“This song came to life after a date in Nashville,” Rider recalls. “It started as an innocent online dating match with a Canadian girl, and it turned into a hilarious coincidence… Or ‘Accident.’”

Rider met up with the girl — a fellow songwriter — and soon after grabbing a drink and getting to know one another, she insisted he looked familiar. “She was from Alberta, and I was from Ontario,” he explains. “I was confident I’d never met her before.

“But then she asked, ‘did you ever live in Montreal?’ and my eyes went wide. She said, ‘oh my God, are you Greg from Montreal?! We went on a date and I still talk about that night with my friends!

I was in utter shock, and couldn’t believe what she was saying. I felt horrible because I didn’t remember it at all. She had a different hair colour back then, and I was 22 and a club promoter, so I met quite a few girls that summer, but… I still felt like a horrible person!”

So here they were, four years later in a different city in a different country; Rider couldn’t help but question what it all meant. “I wondered, was this a huge coincidence? Why am I meeting this girl again? Was it meant to happen? Or is this more of an ‘Accident’?”

“Accident” follows Rider’s previous release, “One Town Away”, and is definitely one you want to hear! Give “Accident” a listen below, and stay up to date with Greg via his socials.

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