Interview – Ariel Posen

If you’ve been longing for an artist who lives and breathes a passion for music, meet Manitoba’s Ariel Posen. What started with learning guitar before the age of 10 has turned into a career as a multi-instrumentalist, producer, songwriter, and vocalist, much of which you hear in Ariel’s newest single, “Coming Back”.

From the first note, “Coming Back” has this old-school groove that you don’t hear often enough these days! Were there any artists that inspired this in you when you were starting out?

Yes, for sure. I wanted to go with the heavier soulful guitar-driven songs that Prince and D’Angelo have done in the past. I definitely do not sound anything close to either one, but they have some specific tunes with big guitars, lots of vocals, huge drums, and all these similar elements. As per usual, anything and everything that I listen to or have put the time in to find its way into my subconsciousness as well. It’s a mix of all those things!

On the new single, you can hear exactly why Rolling Stone once dubbed you “a modern-day guitar hero”. When did you realize guitar was a major passion for you along with being a vocalist?

I still personally am not used to that, and definitely don’t consider myself anything more than just another singer/songwriter/guitar player, although it is very flattering. It’s always been a major passion for me, right when I started as a child. Each step towards taking it more seriously ended up in a new chapter. With each chapter, certain focus would shift different ways and I would get super focused on specific things and certain times. All in all, they are all under the umbrella of music and I wouldn’t sound like I do without putting the time in to find my voice. I still feel like it’s a major passion and I’m working every day to get better.

Besides what we’ve heard so far, what more can you tell us about your upcoming album?

I like to think that this is still on the same musical path as ‘How Long’ but the writing and the songs have evolved a little. If you enjoyed what I’ve put out so far, then I think you will really like this as well. I’ve gotten more comfortable over the last 3 years of touring as a solo artist, as a guitarist, as a singer, and everything else and I like to think that it shows in this new chapter of music. I’m really excited about it.

Having had the chance to tour all over including the UK, Europe, and Canada, not being able to do shows this year must have been quite the switch-up. How did you spend your time being forced to stay put?

Yeah, it’s a bit of an adjustment. Luckily, I was able to do a UK and a Sweden tour, as well as some Canadian winter festivals between January and the beginning of March before everything shut down. Luckily, I’m able to still be making music in different types of capacities. Lots of lessons, videos, recording sessions, and producing for artists. On top of that, I’m still able to write and be creative and work on more music and take advantage of this time at home! Trying to take it for what it is and find the good in it!

What are your plans for the next six months?

Well, there’s only so much as we can plan for at this time without knowing the outcome of the current state of the world. All I can say is that I plan to keep doing the same stuff, keep writing, keep recording new music, and stay creative. Most importantly, I’m excited to start getting more music out to the world and sharing these new songs!

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