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It’s safe to say that 2020 has not been a “typical” year for most artists, but Vancouver’s Terell Safadi has kept as busy as possible. Following the February release of his single, “Black History”, in honour of Black History Month, Terell got to business on his new EP, Champagne in the Morning, including his latest sunshine-filled single, “Just Be Down”.

Last time we spoke, you were starting to make waves with your single, “Black History”; what sort of reactions did you get from the song?

I got a lot of people thanking me for speaking for them and representing how they felt which is amazing. Also seeing some push back from people who still don’t quite understand the movement.

What was the biggest challenge releasing your new EP, Champagne in the Morning, during a summer with so many cancellations and postponements?

The biggest challenge I would say is not being able to do tours or release parties around the project. I would say shooting videos during this time, in a timely fashion, is difficult as well.

Having surpassed 500,000 streams of the new EP, what would you say draws listeners to your music?

I would say keeping an authentic undertone to my music. My listeners like real life stuff they can relate to and connect to. I also feel my videos really help draw listeners in as well.

Your video for “Just Be Down” takes the viewer to a beautiful dream-like vacation; what was the inspiration for the setting?

The album title Champagne in The Morning is what inspired the location. It’s meant to have a lavish, vacation getaway-type feel. I just wanted it to be super high end to compliment the song even more.

What are your plans for the next six months?

My plan is to continuously keep dropping and marketing new content. I have a fall project I’m currently working on as well as some videos for it. I will be doing some live stream shows in support of that as well.

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