Weekly Beat Down – September 14, 2020 to September 19, 2020

Hello and good music Monday to you all! I hope you are all doing well in this weird year that we have been living in. I’m your host Zach Coopz and we are back with two amazing artists going head-to-head on the Weekly Beat Down. You the fans at home will be voting for your favourite song, from today going all the way until Saturday night. There were also be four recommendations of articles from that you need to check out in Zach’s Picks of the week. Now let’s check out the new episode with all the new music down below.

The first artist that will be joining us once again on the show, Toronto pop-punk band Oakrest absolutely killed it in the voting last week. They recently released their brand new single “Nothing Serious” on all streaming platforms. They are now sitting at the top spot this week, but can they take this all the way to the Hall of Fame? That’s up to the fans at home, get your votes in at the bottom of the page if you want to see Oakrest go onto next week.

The second artist that will be facing off this week against our champions Oakrest. Toronto pop-rock group known as Good Kid have just released is their first single in 2020. The new song is called “Drifting” and you can find it on all streaming platforms now. Do these cool dudes have what it takes to jump into the top spot? That too is up to you at home, get your votes in just down below.

Those are going to be the two songs facing off this week on the Weekly Beat Down. It’s up to you music lovin’ fans at home to cast your votes for the top song this week. I would greatly appreciate it as well if you could share with your friends using the hashtag #WeeklyBeatDown, make sure that your favourite wins.

I hope you enjoyed all of the music featured this week on the show. I hope to see you all back here once again next Monday, lots of new stuff coming out all the time. Peace, Love, and Good Music everyone! Stay Safe and healthy out there!!

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