Five Questions With Taming Sari

Ottawa, ON-based five-piece band, Taming Sari has unveiled their latest single, “Loving Way”. The band is made up of Warren Meredith, Adam Ouellette, Alex Pellerin-Auprix, Danny Seguin-Brunette, and Miguel Kingsberry-Brunette, and are no strangers to the music scene in Canada, and throughout the UK.

Their 2019 breakthrough LP Thirsty from the Drought prompted invites to play during the Ottawa Senator’s game intermission, as well as live events with Rebel 101.7 for their Real Rock Concert Series and Rebel Real Rock Search — the latter of which they were selected by fan vote to take part in the finals.

Check out “Loving Way” below and find out more about Taming Sari via our Five Questions With segment.

Care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Hey folks! We’re Taming Sari from the beautiful National Capital Region of Ottawa and we’re stoked to tell you about what we do! If you live in the area, you’ve probably heard a few of our tracks on Ottawa’s Real Rock station Rebel 101.7 as part of the #rocklocal rotation! We’ve been touring around Ontario, Québec, and New Brunswick over the last couple of years and we’re always excited to meet new friends and fans along the way. Our debut album ‘’Thirsty From the Drought’’ recorded with Toronto Producer Ross Hayes Citrullo opened up some doors for us like  reaching the Top 100 with CBC Searchlight this year with “Wake Up Boy” as well as getting our very first single ‘’Down With the Devil’’ nominated as Rock song of for the year with the Ottawa Music Industry Coalition. We just released a brand new single and we will tell you all about why you definitely should give it a spin right away!

Tell us a bit about your music and writing style.

Our sound is all about bringing back that classic rock ‘n’ roll and blues feel back into modern-day rock. With massively creative guitar riffs, a powerhouse of a rhythm section, and melodic, explosive, and unique vocals, every song brings you closer to a style of music that anyone can listen to and certainly dance to and sing along. You know that sound from the 70’s you’ve been looking for? Well, here it is with some extra features to make you stomp your feet and groove to the beat!

Do you have any upcoming shows? For someone who has yet to see you live, how would you explain your live performance?

The upcoming shows we have are the following:

-September 11-12/2020: Voodoo Rockfest 2020 in Odessa, ON
-November 7/2020: Honest Honesty & Taming Sari at Piranha bar in Montreal, QC
-Date TDB: Rebel Real Rock Search Finals w/Rockin’ Engine and Eve Of Uprise in Ottawa, ON

The best way to describe our live performances is through one core concept: Energy. That’s right, as soon as we take the stage, we crank up that level and give you a high energy show from start to finish. You’ll see us moving around the stage to give you some interesting visuals as we lay down the rocking tunes one after another! Our favourite thing to do is building the hype more and more and just explode at key moments to make you really feel the vibes you crave in a live performance. We strive to recreate that magic night after night. We believe this is the main reason people come to shows, to feel something unique and powerful.

If you were asked to suggest only one of your songs for someone to hear, which would it be?

You HAVE to listen to our latest single, Loving Way!! We just released that track after working on it during quarantine with an awesome animated lyric video! We worked with some talented guys to create that video, Dominic Llanos and Nigel Elton, and we are so proud of the results. This song is the epitome of that 70’s sound we were talking to you about earlier! It has that psychedelic high-energy drive right in the forefront, and it hooks you up right when those vocals kick in! The song speaks about learning to live your life in a loving way and opening your heart to what’s around you. It’s about taking back control over oneself while understanding the struggles of others and responding with respect, support, and kindness. In these times, our goal was to give our fans a positive message that they would vibe with considering everything going on lately. This is the first single of an upcoming EP/LP and we’re currently working on new material to deliver something really wicked to our fans!

Canadian Beats is all about Canadian music, so who are your current favourite Canadian bands/ artists?

Throughout our three years as a band, we had the privilege to share the stage with and discover an abundance of Canadian bands and artists! There are so many bands that we presently dig and follow in the Canadian rock scene. To name a few, Monster Truck, The Wild!, The Lazys, The Headstones, The Anti Queens, cleopatrick and so many more! We also have an ongoing Spotify playlist of indie rock in Canada (Indie Canada Rocks) where we showcase up and coming bands full of talent such as CeVilain, Old James, The Jailbirds, Drop Top Alibi, Walking With Crows, The Crooked, Revive The Rose, Reckless 4, and the list is too long to name them all here! We love Canadian music and we strive to discover more bands and artists as we go, especially during a live show!

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