Adam Baxter releases new single, “These Days”

As a singer-songwriter and high school band director, Adam Baxter’s professional life came to a halt in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. All of his personal gigs were canceled and his students did not get to perform in their spring concerts or music festivals. To keep busy, Baxter set up a virtual writing session with Jordan Coaker (Quote The Raven, With Violet) which turned into his new single “These Days”. The song was recorded in 5 home “studios” across Newfoundland.

“All my gigs were cancelled, I couldn’t take my school ensembles on stage to perform at their Kiwanis/Spring Concerts and I wasn’t able to even really leave the house to see friends.  It felt like I was in that movie Groundhog Day – The days and evenings were melting together and if I didn’t put my focus on something substantial, I knew I would have fallen into a dark place.”

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