Heaps release new single “Get It Back” and LP “What is Heaps”

Last week, Heaps, a collective hailing from the Kawartha Lakes in Ontario released their new single “Get It Back” from their brand new LP “What is Heaps”. Pairing anthemic rock urgency with honest lyricism that creates a raw sincerity, “Get It Back” is “a song that touches on seeking constant self-validation and the attempt to channel these emotions through fantasy,” the band says. You can listen to the track below:

Pastel sketches of transformation paint Heaps’ debut full length, “What Is Heaps​”. The record’s foundations were crafted in a series of escapes: suburban Halifax bedrooms, rural Quebecois disconnection, renovated Michigan church seclusion and Dale Morningstar’s Gas Station on Toronto Island. You can ​stream/purchase the record here, or listen to it below!

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