Yukon Blonde are “In Love Again” on new single

Yukon Blonde are back with another new track, “In Love Again”. This follows the release of their first music of 2020, “Get Precious”, which has already climbed to #2 on the CBC Music Top 20 and quickly climbing up the Top 20 at the National Alternative Radio Chart in Canada.

According to Jeff Innes, “In Love Again”

“began as a fun experience when we were jamming. We were trying to have three or four separate melodies that when played together sounded nice, but didn’t make much sense when apart. I came up with the melody and lyrics, pacing the parking lot of our space and as usual hummed it into a voice memo on my iPhone. I had the idea knocking around my head to write a love song that detailed the simple day to day aspects of a newish relationship, normal things you value once you’ve been through the ringer.”

The single boasts some first for the band as keyboardist/vocalist Rebecca Gray takes on the leading vocals for the first time. According to Innes,

“The moment I had the melody in my mind, it reminded me of classic French pop and Rebecca instantly came to mind to sing it; then I thought about all of those wonderful 60’s and 70’s duets from that time, (and recently too – Cate Le Bon and Broadcast come to mind) and the song began to take shape. We ALL love this song. It’s a really sweet ode to honest love without irony, which is typically not in our nature. Not to mention, we have our very talented Rebecca making her debut lead, which just makes this extra special to us.”

With four LPs to their name, Yukon Blonde have already “cemented their status as a Canadian powerhouse”. With two great singles released already this summer, Yukon Blonde teases that more new music may be on the horizon sooner than we think.

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