Precious Onungwe releases single, “You Matter”

Regina, SK-based singer-songwriter, Precious Onungwe was born in Nigeria but moved to Regina in 2010. After releasing his first single, “Champion”, he received positive feedback and airplay. Now, he has unveiled another melodious and powerful single, “You Matter”.

“You Matter” is about a young man who is wondering and asking questions in response to societal issues: mass shootings, hatred, the spread of demeaning words, and abuses by some in power. Now, he proposes that in order to heal the world together and make it a paradise as it was intended, self-love and self-worth, as well as self-awareness are needed so much so that we can see others through the same lens we use for ourselves. He is saying: YOU MATTER AS MUCH AS I DO. With this mirror, there is no need to tear anyone down to feel elevated.

You can check out the official video below, or on online streaming services HERE.

Connect with Precious Onungwe:

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