Krief releases new album, Chemical Trance and focus track, “I Love You Just The Same”

Formally the guitarist for The Dears, Patrick Krief sends you on a serenade of aggressive and progressive grove. If you imagined, Leonard Cohen, Bon Iver, and Radiohead had a love child, this would be an accurate illustration of Krief’s sound.

Montreal based musician, Patrick Krief’s new album, Chemical Trance, explores deep moments, vulnerabilities, and experiencing feelings as phantoms. Patrick explains his album as:

“I pictured it like an Ayahuasca trip,” he explains. “Like you’ve taken the drug and you’re confronting your whole past — all the darkest stuff. But you’re not reliving it in a normal way, it’s hyped-up: emotions as demons, that sort of thing.” 

Trying to be in the moment of capturing his youth, and taking hold of drifting off and getting lost on another plane. If you want to experience music freedom, join Patrick Krief in Chemical Trance, in the healing spirit of music.

Also, take a moment to check out the focus track from the album, “I Love You Just The Same” below.

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