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If you haven’t heard about Petric (brothers Jason and Tom Petric from Transcona (Winnipeg), Manitoba, and long-time friend (and guitarist) Jordan Day, you’re missing out on something special in the Canadian country music scene. Petric was formed back in 2015 after Jason decided to end his solo career to bring Tom into the group. That was inevitable for all those who saw how these brothers complemented each other when Tom often took to the stage (prior to forming the band) during Jason’s shows and later in the studio. They have evolved over the years but their amazing harmonies are still so recognizable that you know their songs as soon as they start.

Over the past five years, Petric has racked up over ten million online streams, over 315K views on YouTube, multiple hit singles on Canadian country music radio has taken home the hardware for four Manitoba Country Music Association awards and garnered many other award nominations. This trio has taken their music from the small stages of Transcona bars to the most renowned festivals and venues across Canada. They have put Transcona on the map!

On August 25, 2020, Petric released their newest single “Déjà vu” everywhere and are following up with the official video on September 9. This single is off their upcoming EP Flashback.

Says Petric on “Déjà vu,”

“This song shows a completely different style and edge that we haven’t ever explored before. When Canada went into lock down, the band needed something to keep the creative juices flowing. With large help from our producer, we recorded this song from all of our home studios.”

They continue about the video. “The feeling of “déjà vu” doesn’t make sense. We wanted to attempt to capture that feeling, and have it make sense to the viewer. Jason wrote the concept and script, and Brett Anderson shot/edited a masterpiece. We’re very proud of this one.”

I was given the opportunity, through Canadian Beats, to chat with my long-time friends about “Déjà vu,” their upcoming album, life as artists during these trying times in the era of COVID and some other things about the band that you may not know.

People have a need to hear new music right about now and we at Canadian Beats would like to congratulate you on the August 25 release of your single “Déjà vu.”

With that being said, let’s chat about your single, “Déjà vu.” I really like it. Your harmonies are spot on and you are connecting as artists and musicians. I can feel that as I listen to it.

First of all … brilliant marketing strategy on social media with …TEXT US. Who came up with that concept and how did was the response?

Jason actually came up with the idea. He got a second phone recently and we were chatting about ways to engage fans and he said, “Why don’t we get them to text my new phone number?” It’s been pretty cool to be able to speak directly through fans as well as give them an inside look at some of the new things we’re coming out with.

You have spoken about this song, that is “shows a completely different style and edge that we haven’t ever explored before.” So what about this song made you think about exploring something completely different from your past (successful) releases? Growth and change is always a good thing, I believe.

With the amount of time we all had at home with the whole Covid-19 pandemic, it gave us a chance to try and explore some different sounds than we’ve used before while keeping it a “Petric” song with great energy and harmonies. Personally (says Jordan Day), I feel that as a group we’re forever evolving and growing both as musicians and writers. In my opinion, every major band has gone through minor tweaks in their sound throughout their careers while still being able to maintain “their sound.” We hope you will feel that way about this song as well.

Can you tell us how this song came about and what it means to you? Who wrote “Déjà vu” and who produced it?

Jason actually wrote this song a couple of years ago when we had a solo writing session down in Nashville. He wrote it with Brad Rempel (High Valley) and their producer Seth Mosley. This song along with most of our new music was produced by Chris Baseford, who has been amazing to work with and really feels like he’s another member of our band at this point.

To me, this song is all about reflecting on one of those magical memories in your life where time stood still. I picture it to be with a loved one like my wife. I find myself daydreaming about those times here and there and hoping to recreate them.

Usually, when recording in a studio together, you can feed off each other’s energy and good vibes, make the necessary changes that come along with that, but you weren’t able to do that with this single. How was it for each you to record your part from your own home studios without that feedback?

It was definitely a different process, that’s for sure. Days says, “Being able to play my own ideas without anyone’s input and then having them talked about after the fact was actually a very freeing experience and brought up different discussions that usual.” When there isn’t a “group think” of how a song should be we find there can actually be a more organic sound that comes out of the recording process and we believe we captured that “Déjà vu.”

Now, on the video for “Déjà vu.” We know that Jason wrote the concept and script and Brett Anderson shot/edited a masterpiece.

Tell us a bit about the concept for it, how Jason came up with it? Where did the inspiration come from?

Jason called Tom and me a few times trying to figure out a game plan for this video. I had actually thrown out the idea of recreating Groundhog Day (the movie) but that idea got dismissed quickly and we landed on this idea. To be honest I can’t remember how he eventually came up with it but I’m glad he did as it turned out better than we could have imagined.

We know that Brett Anderson produced this video. Is there anything more that your fans can learn about Anderson and how your relationship with him came to be?

A couple years ago Jason tagged me in a video on Instagram that Brett had posted and said if we ever get the chance to work with this guy let’s do it. Well once Covid hit and we all had more time to think about things than normal Jason brought up his name again and then we reached out and it’s been a great partnership ever since. It’s funny, I actually knew Brett before as we play in the same basketball league. He also did some post-secondary schooling with my wife but that’s Winnipeg in a nutshell. You can have a conversation with someone and within five minutes realize you know someone that they know, etc.

I also want to give a shout out to his partner Devon Gray; they work so well as a team and create some amazing videos.

At what beach was the video shot and how did you accomplish that with social distancing and all?

The majority of this video was shot at Grand Beach. It’s such an iconic beach in Manitoba and we really wanted to show off where we’re from and why we’re so proud to be from here. With regards to social distancing, we took all of the precautions necessary by making sure we were never too close to people around us. We actually shot on a weekday to make sure there were less people there, as well.

What about “Déjà vu” doesn’t make sense to you?

I will not claim to be an expert about Déjà vu, but to me there’s really no rhyme nor reason as to when it happens or why. It’s such a strange feeling when it does happen and I feel it can create some very interesting conversations with others about what each person feels it can mean. It’s so interesting to me.

Do you have any fun stories to tell us about in the making of “Déjà vu” and what was the most special highlight for you?

My highlight was definitely getting to play the song live as a band in the field that you’ll see in the video. None of us had seen each other since our concert at the Burton Cummings Theatre back in February and I was really missing everyone. We have developed such a strong bond over these past few years and it really felt like something was missing while we were all isolated.

Onto your new album, Flashback

You have an EP, Flashback, coming out in the near future. Any news that you can share with us on it?

Well, we can share the name of the album is going to be Flashback! Haha. We’re 99% sure it’s going to have eight songs on it which will be the most we’ve ever released on an album. We are so pumped for everyone to hear it and as cliché as it sounds, we truly believe it’s our best work to date.

Can you describe the type of songs that are on this EP?

Ah, this is a tough one to answer. I can say some slower, some faster, some happy, some sad, but I think more than anything Flashback is the truest reflection of where we want to be right now as a band. It’s the first album that we’ve had 100% creative control on and really feel that this is the music we want the world to know us by.

With 2020 being as it is, how difficult will it for you to not be able to tour and promote your album?

That is the ABSOLUTE WORST part of 2020. We miss our fans so much and I think equally miss each other and the product that we bring to the stage. Personally, I get my highs from music when I’m standing on stage and seeing the people in front of us smiling from ear to ear and singing every word of our songs. There’s no better feeling.

And, how big of a decision was it to release Flashback knowing that you can’t go on a tour?

I don’t think it was that big of a decision at all. We’re so eager to get this music out and really didn’t want to hold it back from everyone just because we can’t tour it at the moment. We’ll be able to do that down the road and at that point, people will already know all of the songs and we’re hoping they’re household favourites by then!

Let’s broach the subject that is on everyone’s mind these days – Covid-19. Artists and musicians are among the hardest hit groups by this economic fallout of the coronavirus pandemic.

This has been such a challenging time for the music industry and the Coronavirus has drastically reshaped how artists’ livelihood has changed. How has it been for you not to be able to have that personal interaction with your fans?

Again, as I said earlier, playing in front of our fans is my favourite part of this whole industry. It really sucks and we miss them more than anything.

During the lockdown, I absolutely loved watching the PETRIC LIVE SESSIONS that included Jason’s Morning Music and Coffee, Tom’s Thirsty Thursdays and Jordan’s Scotch, Stories and Songs. How was it for you to connect with your fans in this manner?

This was a ton of fun. I think I can speak for all of us when I say this took us out of our comfort zone but it was well worth it. There were a lot of the same fans tuning in night in and night out and even though we weren’t in the same room together I feel it helped us grow closer with them.

How has Covid-19 affected what you were doing with your music?

To be honest, it’s probably pushed us even harder to make the best product possible. We have had more time to talk together about how we want everything to sound and look going forward and are very excited about what we’re about to release.

What do the next six months look like for Petric, with no concerts, even no radio tours, to promote your new music?

With Flashback coming sooner than later and “Déjà vu” out already, you’re going to be hearing a lot of new music from us. We will be using our social media platforms more than ever and have some very exciting ways to help us to stay engaged with our fans.

Rising to the challenge of this pandemic, what is one message you would give to your fans?

Please take this seriously. The smarter and safer we can be, the better. If you’re having a tough time with everything that’s going on don’t hesitate to reach out.          ­– Love Petric

Let’s just have a little chat about Petric so those who don’t know who you are, can. Because you have amazing fans, let’s chat about some random things that will make your fans get to know you better and fun for you to answer…

What have you learned about your career and fans now that you’ve been at this for a while?

This is a really really tough business but the best way to have success is hard work. Everyone we know that has been successful has done so much behind the scenes and never stops; the amount of phone calls and emails that we’ve had even about the littlest things go a long, long way.

What do you think your “biggest break” or your “greatest opportunity” has been do far in your music career? 

I would say getting to work with our producer Chris Baseford has been by far our biggest break. He’s worked with so many talented artists over the years and has such a wealth of knowledge that has helped us grow into the group we are now.

With all the many social media platforms that exist today telling the world your life story, is there anything that would be of interest to your fans; something that they couldn’t find on your own social network or even Google?

Jordan has so many clothes (shoes and hats included) that he uses a second closet in the spare bedroom and has a whole room in the basement with clothes he’s accumulated over the years.

What is the most useless talent you possess?

Jordan is a really fast typer on the keyboard. Other than typing out lyrics this really doesn’t help him with much of anything.

What is the most trouble you’ve ever gotten into, together or separately?

If you can believe this, we’re all pretty decent human beings – haha. The most trouble might be when we were playing a show in Paris, Ontario, and we snuck onto the top of our trailer while Parmalee was playing and security wasn’t very happy with us.

And last but not least, if you can have one thing that your fans could remember about you, what would it be?

It’s that we truly love doing this. Yes, some days we argue and it feels a bit like work but this is the best job in the world and you’re the reason why we do it!

We, at, thank you Jason, Tom, and Jordan (for answering the questions) so much for this interview and helping your fans get to know you a little more. We wish you much success with your single “Déjà vu,” your upcoming EP Flashback, and all your future endeavours. I’m personally grateful for the time we have spent together over the past nine years and to have become a friend with you all. It’s been one hell of a ride and I’m very excited to see what the future holds for you!

Download or stream “Déjà vu” here.

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