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We’ve all felt a little (or a lot) lost at times and Alberta’s Michela Sheedy has found a way of reminding us that we’re definitely not alone. Her new single, aptly titled “Lost”, paints a picture of personal loss with lyrics that pull tight at the heartstrings along with a classic country melody & gritty, yet soulful vocals to comfort any weary listener.

Country artists that grow up in a smaller town tend to have incredibly personal and deep stories to tell in their lyrics. Would you say growing up in Okotoks, Alberta contributed to your style as an artist?

Growing up and living in Okotoks has definitely influenced my artistic trajectory. I resisted country music pretty hard when I was young but living in such close proximity to Calgary, country music was in my blood whether I liked it or not. Okotoks is the perfect blend of country and city life. So, I didn’t quite get the most typical country experience, I lived a semi “backroad” life that definitely made me appreciate the storytelling art form that is country music.

You tend to share a lot about yourself as a human and not just an artist on social media; this includes a recent post on just how personal your new single, “Lost”, is to you. Do you find it difficult to write about things so close to your heart or is it more a form of therapy?

Being an artist and creating music is a very personal thing so I believe that if I wasn’t being upfront and honest about who I am as a human, it would be a disservice to my audience. The artists that I feel the most personally connected to are those who aren’t afraid to share the most “human” qualities about them. The good, the bad, the goofy. I think all of those things are really important because an artist should be personable and authentic on their platforms. I don’t find it difficult at all to share the truth about myself, even if it’s not so pretty. I do think that it is a type of therapy to share personal stories with my audience. Plus… I love getting personal on my socials!

You’ve had the chance to share the stage with Keith Urban, Aaron Goodvin & Lonestar; what a variety! Who else in country music do you dream of playing alongside?

It’s so tough to pinpoint who I would want to play alongside because this industry is so full of top quality, badass artists and performers. I would definitely have to say Chris Stapleton would be a dream to perform with. I also think that I could have one hell of a time playing alongside the Cadillac Three.

How long have you been performing the National anthems at the Calgary Flames games? What was it like the first time you hit the ice?

I have been the part-time anthem singer for the Calgary Flames for the past three seasons. I remember the first time I hit the ice I was pretty nervous but too focused to really take it all in. The most memorable anthem I sang was game five of the playoff series against Colorado last season. I remember I took a moment while I was singing and took out my in-ear monitors which usually prevent me from hearing any cheers from the audience. The sheer roar of the crowd when I sang O Canada was so overwhelming and it definitely made me a bit weepy

What are your plans in the next 6 months?

To not get COVID. Wear my mask. Eat some good food. Spend time with my family and friends during the downtime and take advantage of things like Skype and Zoom to co-write as many tunes as I can.

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